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Complete Yarn Spinning Kit - Beginner's Drop Spindle Spinning Kit

Complete Yarn Spinning Kit - Beginner's Drop Spindle Spinning Kit

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This kit has everything you need to create your own unique yarn!

Each kit includes:

• Top whorl drop spindle crafted from maple and beech
• 2 oz. of 100% wool spinning fiber
• Handcrafted 1-yd. skein Niddy Noddy
• 1 packet of Soak wool wash (for setting the twist)
• Detailed instruction sheet

~Details About the Fiber~

Finn wool is a medium wool with a micron count from 24 to 31 (50s) and a staple length from 3 to 6 inches. It is suitable for hand-spinning and knitting of outer garments such as sweaters, socks, hats, etc. The distinctive characteristics of Finn wool are luster and a soft hand. Finn wool has the luster (shine) otherwise found only in the long-wooled breeds, which are often coarser. It is also softer to the touch than other medium wools with the same micron count.

~Details About the Spindle~


We take care ensuring these spindles spin true, giving every spindle a test spin prior to shipment. The conical shape of the maple whorl puts additional weight around the rim, helping the spindle spin longer and stay more stable. A notch in the whorl helps keep your spun yarn in place. The spindles are individually crafted in Cincinnati, OH of maple and beech from domestic and international sources. The spindle is 10" long, rounded on both tips, has a 2.5" whorl, and weighs 1.8 ounces.

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